Tonus is the leading supplier in Israel for toners and ink cartridges for printers. Tonus boasts the largest assortment of original and compatible toners for all types of printers for retail marketers, providers of printing services, corporate clients, organizations and institutions.

The company’s services are known for its uncompromising quality and quick response time, with no competitors. The company's motto "Order Today Get Tomorrow” allows customers to receive each order within 24 hours. Tonus also has the greatest customer service call center in the industry, with 25 employees automatically linked to the CRM system.
Tonus’s clients are among the largest, most successful leading organizations in Israel.


Maximum Availability

Tonus tirelessly provides company products in the most efficient way, in order to consistently satisfy their customers. The supply of toners and ink cartridges is maximized through a special computer system customized for the company’s needs.  The ordering and monitoring systems are completely automated with continual data updates throughout the supply chain, enabling service of the highest quality.
The Largest Stock in the Country

Tonus’s warehouses are spread over 500 cubic meters within the logistic center of the “Tevet” company, which contains the largest stock of ink cartridges and toners in Israel.
Tonus is able to deliver every kind of toner for all kinds of printers within 24 hours, anywhere in Israel. Tonus has an advanced operational center for detecting deficiencies ,issuing orders and running errands, while the product stock is constantly renewed for all types of printers including: Lexmark, Brother, Canon, Samsung, OKI, Panasonic, Xerox, HP, Microsoft, Epson, Kyocra and more
Tonus is the exclusive representative of international companies Orink and Sincopy and the main supplier of Microjet.

Advanced computerization

All deliveries are made by advanced computerized systems which are synchronized with inventory systems. Customers are able to choose their preferred delivery company from five options.



With over twenty years of experience, Tonus was founded by Joel Nerson and Ilan Dan, who combined their knowledge of toner/cartridge supply demands and the construction of advanced information systems. Over the years, Joel and Ilan have worked with hundreds of major clients all over the country.


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